Tuesday, November 01, 2011

mazda protege handmade shift boot and center console lid cover

My car came with a brown vinyl shift boot and a brown plastic shift knob. Bleh. When I installed my Mazdaspeed Protege short shifter and shift knob, I also changed the shift boot to a black vinyl one. While this looked much better than the stock shifter, there was still room for improvement. I wanted to make a shift boot and I wanted it to match the rest of the interior. I got some seat fabric and I made patterns for the shift boot, center console lid cover, and handle. I sewed everything by hand. They turned out nice and are a perfect match for the rest of the interior. The cover looks like it is just a bunch of squares sewn together. It's not. They all have a different shape to allow for the curves.

Original installation November 2010

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