Monday, October 31, 2011

mazda protege edm ambient temp clock from england

EDM stands for European Domestic Market. I'm really into EDM parts. Basically parts that we (United States) never got. We are USDM (United States Domestic Market). Ironically, people in other parts of the world want USDM parts. You always want what is hard to get. My car came with a radio pocket. It looks ok, but this is so much cooler. I had this shipped to me from England. It pops right in, but there is no wiring plug in the USDM cars for the clock. Good thing I am good at wiring. I made a plug for the clock from scratch and now it looks like my car originally came with it (even the wiring).

Original installation May 2009

mazda protege hidden hid headlights install

I installed a set of HID headlights to look like they came with my car. HID headlights are different than traditional halogen headlights. They produce light with an arc instead of a filament. Instead of just a bulb, HIDs have three parts. The bulb, the ballast, and the ignitor. Some HID kits, like mine, have the ignitor inside the ballast. This makes the ballast thicker, but it makes for a cleaner install. I hid the ballasts under the headlights. I had to arrange the wiring differently so I could get the moisture covers on the back of the headlights. It came out nice. You can't see the ballasts and there's just two wires that go to the back of the headlight.

Original installation December 2009

mazda protege tweeter sail panels by bmxbmw

The little triangle trim pieces behind your mirrors in your car are called sail panels. I wanted some sail panels with tweeters. Some cars come with them stock. Mine did not. Mazda did make some for my car, but they look kind of meh.

This is the second set I've made. I'm going to cover the first set in carbon fiber. The shiny ones in the pics are the sail panels I made. Not only do they look better, they also hold bigger tweeters. The others are stock from the cars that did have tweeters.

Original installation First set February 2010 Second set July 2011

new blog

My name is Ryan. I love drawing, painting, graphic design, and photography. I also love cars. My blogs are mostly going to be about my car or a drawing, painting, or something I made. I am always making something. Most of the time it turns out pretty awesome. If it doesn't, I'll do it again. I am a perfectionist.